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Accepting a Job is Like Saying You
Thought It Was
 Suitable Work

I understand why  accepting a job is so important to someone who would rather work than collect unemployment.

But,  desperation to find a new job, seldom considers the consequences should the job not work out. 

When you take that job offer, it is expected (unemployment benefit wise)  you  knew full well at time of hire what the job entailed,  how much it would  pay and how far you would have to travel to get to work.

Yet, none of these things are relevant to what  your prior experience  or  training, health issues, or moral qualms may have to do with the type of job an unemployed person is expected to accept.

Unfortunately,  just your very acceptance of unsuitable employment,  can make quitting a totally unsuitable job seem as if you're too picky.

The fear of losing the remaining  benefits I had left to collect on an  approved claim  was front and center to my decision to accept an  offer of temporary work doing precisely what I was doing before being laid off.  I knew from experience, all it would take was an informational letter from the employer who paid all the unemployment tax for the benefits I was receiving .. and of course, there's always a report fraud button somewhere on an official state unemployment website.

Nearly three years later, I quit that temp  job, but  not because the work itself had  somehow miraculously become unsuitable.

I had the  employer to thank for that when they  refused a health accommodation which would of continued to make the work suitable.

Ever wonder what they mean when our government refers to  discouraged  unemployed?       Well, they are one cause of why the adjusted unemployment rate goes down without new suitable work being offered.

In short, many  discouraged were actually, desperate unemployed people who couldn't prove  something when the overpayment determination arrived.

  • That they were in fact  actively seeking suitable work
  • why the  job refused wasn't  suitable
  • Or what made a  job accepted become unsuitable

Maybe you know you were misled about the terms and conditions of employment at time of hire, but how will you prove you quit with good cause by proving that the truth about the job would of made you aware it was suitable for YOU to accept the job?

Here is the general criteria provided by the USDOL as it pertains to  an issue of unemployment law called  suitable work (usually found in the issue  of voluntarily leaving work.   It's best to keep this in mind while you apply for jobs and fill out that job search record.

All states look at whether the work refused was suitable. When state laws list the criteria for suitability, they usually address the degree of risk to an individual’s health, safety, and morals; the individual’s physical fitness, prior training, experience, and earnings; the length of unemployment and prospects for securing local work in a customary occupation; and the distance of the available work from the individual’s residence. Delaware and New York make no reference to the suitability of work offered but provide for disqualification for refusals of work for which an individual is reasonably fitted. South Carolina specifies that whether work is suitable must be based on a standard of reasonableness as it relates to the particular individual involved."

Finding suitable work is your job while you're  collecting, or at least trying to collect,

And no one, including myself  should tell you  it's wrong to prefer working, over collecting the old ball and chain of unemployment benefits.

But I will tell you this is a real issue many have with collecting benefits,  when they tell me they  quit a job and can't just pick up benefits where they left off.

Quitting .. let alone quitting suitable work raises an issue for the unemployment dept. to investigate before you are allowed to collect on the same claim.

Yet, they don't always investigate timely which has resulted in MASSIVE overpayment determinations.

This is an issue you can control by only applying for jobs you know will be right for you .. and if that means you have to ask a hiring manager a few questions .. to know .. so be it.  At least you will be sounding as if you're interested while you learn some important details about suitability.

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Refusal of Suitable Work

A refusal of suitable work while collecting unemployment benefits becomes an issue of law that stops the payment of benefits, in addition, if you accepted a job so you could stop collecting unemployment .. it will as tough to start receiving benefits as it is for anyone that has the burden to prove good cause for voluntarily quitting a suitable job.

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