NYS Unemployment Benefits

Hey, guess what, NYS unemployment benefits are one and the same for even those trying to collect New York City unemployment.

I only mention this because keyword research was an integral part of  learning how to build a website in 2007 and especially because I can't afford to advertise my services.

It struck me as odd, at first anyway, that inquiries about collecting  NYC  unemployment benefits outweighed those asking about NYS unemployment.

Then I did a little googling and it appears that's where most New Yorkers live. (This opens in a new window and is  just a Wiki factoid page.)

My question was easily answered, but I'm still trying to figure out why NY hasn't yet raised their maximum weekly benefit amount of $405 dollars.  It's been stuck there for a very, very long time.

Now, enough complaining from me.    How about some NYS unemployment questions and answers that rely on my personal collection of bookmarks acquired as an employee.

NY's resources were just one that help me to explain to myself how unemployment works.  

I'm almost certain you have room for improvement when it comes to actually making a better argument to collect.

New York Unemployment Law Interpretive Case Index is a goldmine  of unemployment  explanations, you should not ignore.

How and Where to Apply for Benefits

The Burden of Quitting a Job

The Burden of Being Fired

Appeals & Hearings


New York Unemployment Questions

What Other Visitors Have Asked.

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I have a disabled child who needs care during the day, my job refuses to give me the night shift. I can't work the day shift anymore my daughter's health has worsen, can I collect ummeployment? 
I have a disabled child who needs care during the day. My job refuses to give me the night shift. The offer three shifts and they still refuse to …

Do I have good cause to quit in New York State if my boss yells at me and other assorted ill treatments. 
I came back from maternity leave in September and the person who was doing my job over the summer took over many of my responsibilities. I stood on despite …

Long Road  
I was denied benefits d/t misconduct. I didn't request a hearing because I had no evidence to prove my innocence. 10 months later I had new evidence to …

Can I collect NYS unemployment if I give two weeks notice then I'm not Scheduled Not rated yet
I Gave two weeks Notice Yesterday. Then I was written off the schedule. I normally work 40 to 45 hrs per week. I gave my notice so that the store …

If I Don't Take a Demotion Can I Still Receive Unemployment? Not rated yet
My New York State employer has offered me a demotion that will significantly change my job. instead of firing me. After 20+ years I'm being demoted …

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