Getting Fired and GettingUnemployment Benefits

The only good thing about getting fired vs. quitting is the employer has the burden of fulfilling a burden the cause was work misconduct.

And now, those of you who felt like someone might of been trying to force you into quitting before you were finally discharged from your job, know why.

To avoid be assigned the burden to prove cause is good to move first.

The exception to the rule about assigning the burden  if you quit in lieu of discharge .. is that when someone quits because the only other choice offered was to be fired... You've still been fired from your job and it must be for misconduct.

It's actually the burden of fulfilling good cause which may  account for the myth you have to be fired to get unemployment benefits.

If you were fired from your job, you're going to want to read the most famous  definition of what misconduct related to the work actually is.

Then, you may need some sort of answer to any questions you may have  about getting fired and winning an unemployment  appeal hearing .. should you be denied.

A Famous Definition for Work
Related Misconduct

If  you're not clear yet ..  when getting fired, your employer has also accepted a legal burden to prove you  guilty of work related misconduct.

Are you guilty of any part of this definition of misconduct?

Will you know how to rebut and prove you were fired for something other than misconduct?

Basic Reasons People Get Fired

This is a short list of coded reasons employees get fired.

  • DCVR - Discharge for Violation of Rule
  • DCUA - Discharge for Unacceptable Attendance
  • DC JP - Discharge for Poor Performance
  • DCI     - Discharge for Insubordination

There is of course many more, but this will do for now as these are the most common reasons.

The point is that guilt can be subjective depending  on your point of view and the end game which is usually measured in dollars and cents.  

Once good sense is applied to details and circumstances you will  either be determined to be eligible, or ineligible for benefits.

But all unemployment determinations can be appealed to the lower authority appeal tribunal and you really should do everything within your power to win this first hearing, no matter who appealed.

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