Getting Fired and Unemployment Benefits

Let me get something obvious about getting fired,  out of the way.   You might be one of those who actively worked to be fired and all  because someone told you it was only under conditions of being involuntarily  terminated from a job that unemployment benefits can be paid.  It's just another unemployment myth.

But, this can lead to shortsightedness at essential intersections where you need to stop  and correct your wrongheaded approach to filing a claim after getting fired. 

You should want to consider some of the more obvious and basic facts of  how the unemployment claims process works, no matter who the moving party might be.

The burden of proof is assigned to the moving party .. even  when someone quits.

After answering lots of questions, I have found when someone files a claim, it is not always that they are guilty of misconduct, but clueless about the claims process and that can prevent a favorable non-monetary determination at the initial claims investigation phase.

Well, if the determination is wrong, in your opinion.  appeal it.

But for goodness sake, do not continue to remain clueless when things switch over  to the unemployment appeal process where you get your last chance to show why you're not guilty of misconduct, or from my perspective, why the employer should not be allowed to sustain your guilt at a full fact finder unemployment hearing.

Let's Get A Definition for Work
Related Misconduct to Work With

If I haven't made it  clear yet ..  when getting fired, your employer has basically, accepted a burden to prove you are guilty of work related misconduct.

But the definition widely accepted,  should not only be stuck in my head, especially,  since I posed questions to those who asked me about getting fired who clearly, had not read the definition that was prompting my questions.

There were of course even among those who didn't bother with definitions, who I thought had indeed been fired for something other than misconduct and I could only hope my explanation would help them to see how they could prove that as fact, or if it might be too late to correct mistakes made as an employee ..while the employer was creating the perception of guilt through documentation at work.

I no longer just hope I can help,  I provide an unemployment appeal service.

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